Learn to Teach Social Dance to Hybrid and Virtual Audiences

This free course includes recordings of two conference presentations we gave to the National Dance Society.

In the first, we give tips for teaching social dance virtually, and in the second, we give tips for teaching social dance to a hybrid audience.

Conference Presentations

    1. Introduction

    2. All About Angles

    1. Introduction

    2. All About Angles 2.0

About this course

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Your Presenters

Nick & Melissa Enge

Nick & Melissa Enge are social dance instructors at the University of Texas, where they teach hundreds of students how to dance every semester. They are known for their relaxed, fun-loving approach to dancing, which puts even the most terrified students at ease. Given that their in-person classes are always full, with a waitlist, they created this site so that anyone, anywhere can learn from them at any time, and experience the joy of dancing!

Misty Enge

Misty, Nick and Melissa's Siberian Forest Cat, is named after the early 20th century dancer Mistinguette, inventor of the Apache dance. Whenever she graces a lesson with her presence, she is always sure to steal the show.