Learn to Dance Merengue Online

Merengue is an easy Latin American party dance that originated in the Dominican Republic and is popularly danced around the world today.

In this comprehensive online course, you will learn the basics of Merengue, as well as over 50 different turns and combinations you can use to spice it up. Given that the footwork of Merengue is relatively simple compared to other dances, this course will allow you to learn more complex shapes with ease.

Once you've learned these shapes using this simple footwork, you can easily adapt them into other dances you might know, whether that's Swing, Salsa, or even Waltz.

What You Will Learn

    1. Welcome to Merengue!

    1. How We Teach

    2. Lead and Follow

    3. Dance Positions

    1. Music

    2. Basics

    3. Hip Styling

    1. Follow's Outside Turns

    2. Follow's Inside Turns

    3. Turns in Closed and Between Closed and Open

    4. Lead's Turns

    5. Multiple Turns

    1. Dishrag

    2. Double Dishrag

    3. Dishrag Sunburst

    4. Dishrag Phoenix

    5. Dishrag Body Drape

    6. Barrel Roll

    1. Matador

    2. Matador Wheel

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 36 lessons

The Music

Here's a preview of some of the music this course will teach you to dance to:

Your Instructors

Nick & Melissa Enge

Nick & Melissa Enge are social dance instructors at the University of Texas, where they teach hundreds of students how to dance every semester. They are known for their relaxed, fun-loving approach to dancing, which puts even the most terrified students at ease. Given that their in-person classes are always full, with a waitlist, they created this site so that anyone, anywhere can learn from them at any time, and experience the joy of dancing!

Misty Enge

Misty, Nick and Melissa's Siberian Forest Cat, is named after the early 20th century dancer Mistinguette, inventor of the Apache dance. Whenever she graces a lesson with her presence, she is always sure to steal the show.


  • What will I learn in this course?

    In this course, you'll learn the basics and over 50 popular variations of Merengue. After taking this course, you'll have a good understanding of how to dance Merengue, as well as how to lead and follow many of the common shapes that appear in other social dances as well.

  • Why should I learn Merengue online?

    In our online classes, everyone gets the best view, instead of having to crane their neck to see what the teacher is doing. In addition, when learning online, you can watch the lessons over and over again (now, and any time in the future), as well as rewinding or slowing down the video if you need more help with a particular step.

  • Why should I learn Merengue from you?

    Unlike many other sites that offer online classes, where you might only get a quick demonstration of the steps, in the hours of detailed instruction you will receive in this course, you'll actually get a step-by-step breakdown of each variation as well as many specific tips about the finer points of leading and following them. In addition, in developing this course, we thought carefully about how to arrange the variations so that each lesson builds on what you've learned in the previous lessons, so you'll always know exactly what's going on.

  • Do I need a partner?

    No! In addition to teaching the variations in a partnered context for students who are learning with a partner, in each lesson, we virtually dance the steps with you so that even if you're learning solo, you'll have us to dance with.